70 | Come to Church

Hello everyone! I hope and pray you all had a wonderful week. This week’s email will be super short!

We had three wonderful people come to church! Bryan, Linda, and Ryan! They are all doing wonderfully. The Lord has truly been blessing us here in Junction City.

Please keep Bryan in your prayers! He is working toward baptism in the next few weeks!

This week I was really focusing on trusting the Lord. Our district leader invited us to read a talk by Elder Holland called ” Lord I Believe ” I would invite you all to read it. It’s so powerful and helps us to remember to always trust the Lord. I will post the link down below. Have a good week everyone!


I am so grateful to be here in Kansas and meeting all these wonderful people.


  • I am from California but my heart is in Kansas ❤ 
  • It’s not a great blog post without a car picture of Sister Howell & I. 
  • Rainy days are our favorite ❤️☂️
  • This is what we feel like at the end of Saturday night. We are ready for the sabbath 
  • Sabbath Day pictures as always 💘


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