71 | Farewell


71 | The Miracle of My Mission

Hello friends and family! I hope and pray you all had a wonderful week. It’s been beautiful weather here in Kansas. I love fall so much! 

This week our investigator that is working toward baptism Bryan is doing wonderful. He has been smoke free for 4 days. What a wonderful miracle. He is working toward being baptized later in October. He is reading and praying daily which is wonderful and such a blessing. We’re so grateful that the Lord placed him in our path. Throughout his life he has been prepared by the Lord to hear this wonderful message. He also came to church with us again and that was wonderful. We quickly realized that he needs fellowship and so we are prayerfully considering who he specifically needs. 

Serving with Sister Howell has blessed my life so much. She is an incredible missionary who is diligent unto the Lord. I will miss her dearly. We clicked when we first saw each other and it’s been the best ever since. She is one of my best friends and always will be. Unfortunately Sister Howell will be going to another area as the Junction City branch is being closed to sisters this transfer. Our hearts break as we have so many lovely people here but the elders will take good care of them. I want Sister Howell to know how much I love her and how much she has grown in her first six weeks. She is an incredible missionary who has changed my life for good. Thank you Sister Howell. I love you. 

I would love to say thank you to each and everyone of you and for those who are not reading this. Over the course of my mission I have felt many prayers not only on my behalf but those precious souls who were learning about the gospel. Thank you so much. Your prayers rescued me throughout my mission. Thank you for your letters, packages, emails and love. I will be eternally grateful for you all. Thank you for the love and support you showed my family. You all have changed my life for good. 

As I reflect on my mission my heart swells with gratitude to our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I have been refined, changed, and blessed because of my mission. Every single person I met on my mission has blessed my life in an unique way that will never be forgotten. Being an instrument in the hands of God has been such a miracle in my life and I promise I will continue to be an instrument as I return home and for the rest of my life. How grateful I am for my mission. I will never forgot this time in my life.  Every moment on my mission has made me into the person I am today and this is all Because of our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ. I love Him. I know He is the Living Son of the Living God. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know Joseph Smith did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in 1820. Because Jospeh asked such a sweet and sincere question we have the knowledge today that we can be with our families for eternity and that we can live with God again. We also know that it is the Atonement of Jesus Christ that makes Salvation possible. It is by the Spirit that I know these things to be true. I felt Peace, Love, and Joy as I have come to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. As I read the Book of Mormon daily I feel a confirmation that is is true. Jesus Christ is at this head of His church. We have modern day prophets and apostles who reveal the Lords will to us so we may know how we can live with God again. I testify to you as you sincerely ask God to know these things are true or if you ask Him anything with a sincere heart and real intent He will answer you. We are His children. I will thank Him everyday for these precious truths and my mission and I say these things in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Amen. 

See you all soon ❤


  • It was 45 degrees and we look miserable but we do love the cold!! 
  • Yay for having a cold during interviews ☺
  • Her first interviews with President! YAY! It was a great experience 
  • Pray for Sister Howell as she deals with a sick companion hahaha no wonder no one answered their door that day. Yikes. 
  • I just love her so much. 
  • Butterfly season in Kansas is the best 💘🦋
  • A wonderful sabbath day in the heartland 

70 | Come to Church

Hello everyone! I hope and pray you all had a wonderful week. This week’s email will be super short!

We had three wonderful people come to church! Bryan, Linda, and Ryan! They are all doing wonderfully. The Lord has truly been blessing us here in Junction City.

Please keep Bryan in your prayers! He is working toward baptism in the next few weeks!

This week I was really focusing on trusting the Lord. Our district leader invited us to read a talk by Elder Holland called ” Lord I Believe ” I would invite you all to read it. It’s so powerful and helps us to remember to always trust the Lord. I will post the link down below. Have a good week everyone!


I am so grateful to be here in Kansas and meeting all these wonderful people.


  • I am from California but my heart is in Kansas ❤ 
  • It’s not a great blog post without a car picture of Sister Howell & I. 
  • Rainy days are our favorite ❤️☂️
  • This is what we feel like at the end of Saturday night. We are ready for the sabbath 
  • Sabbath Day pictures as always 💘

Week 69 | The Heavens Are Open

Hello hello everyone! It was such an incredible week to be a missionary! Oh my word! Words cannot express how happy being a missionary makes me. Lots of wonderful miracles happened this week! Wasn’t general Conference wonderful?! Oh my goodness. My prayers go out to Sister Hales and her family. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. This round of General Conference I went in with three specific questions and all of them were answered throughout many talks. I am grateful to have experienced receiving direct revelation from a loving Father in Heaven. General Conference is truly the Lords Conference. 

Some miracles this week! My favorite part to share with everyone! Because this gospel is a gospel of miracles and we know and worship a God of miracles. We are working with a guy that we met last week! He is so sweet and just full of light! When we first met him he expressed he didn’t really believe in God and now 2 weeks later he is praying daily, reading the Book of Mormon daily, and he came to General Conference! We had some powerful lessons over Facebook video chat with him this week and we’re able to invite him to start living the word of wisdom! It was wonderful. We are so grateful the Lord let us to him. He is on the path to becoming a new creature in Christ. 

Another wonderful miracle we experienced was we were driving and there was a man walking on the side of the road. Sister Howell pulled over ( she is awesome! ) the prompting to talk to this man hit us like a ton of bricks. We got out of the car and started talking to him! We introduced the message that we share and we also invited him to General Conference and he came to the Sunday morning session! We were so happy to see him there. He is wonderful and the Lord has prepared him to hear our message. 

We didn’t get a chance to see the sweet Micronesian family we’re working with this week but we look forward to seeing them this coming week! And maybe we will each them a hymn and sing it with them! 🙂 

We had 4 investigators join us at General Conference this weekend. What a miracle to see them all listening to the Spirit and one of them even took notes! The Spirit was so strong as we were sitting there with them. 

My heart is full of gratitude that the heavens are open! God is communicating with us today! The question is do we have eyes to see and the ears to hear the messages He is sharing with us. I would invite you all to ask God what He is trying to teach you that day. We are His children and He loves us all so much. I know that Christ lives and again this Gospel is a gospel of miracles and we do worship a God of miracles. Have a great week! 


  • We matched for DM! And it’s getting colder ❤ 
  • Went to lunch with some of our district after District Meeting. #thebest
  • This is the face we make when we knock doors. Just kidding!  
  • Walmart has cool Wonder Woman PJs so we bought some! 
  • So the past two weeks our branch mission leader has given us the opportunity to train members on how to share the gospel. Some people got to the meeting early so I decided to try and draw their favorite animals. I failed so badly so they wanted a picture! 
  • Our Skype lesson with Bryan! 
  • This is Chewy’s Halloween Halloween costume and I LOVE IT! 
  • This Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is amazing and it is limited! Go get it 🙂 
  • We love visiting Linda ❤
  • Falling in love with Junction City 
  • My reaction when Sister Howell’s mom sent us Saturday Warriors’s MUSIC! THANK YOU! I totally lip synced to Sailing On! WE LOVE YOU! 
  • I couldn’t be happier. Everyone needs a Sister Howell in their life. Shoutout to her first general Conference as a missionary! 
  • We love each other so much we are so dysfunctional together 
  • Sunday night dinner with the Whites! We love them 
  • Super happy to be a missionary 💘



Sister Thompson 💛

Kansas Wichita Mission