Week 68 | I Need Thee Every Hour


I hope you all had a good week! 🙂 This week was wonderful! We had Zone Conference and saw so many miracles! Here are some from the week! 

We have been working with a young mom.  And she is super awesome. She lives on post and is open to the gospel we put her on date ( she is preparing to be baptized )  for Oct. 21st! And she came to church this week with her whole family!!! She is married and has 4 children all under the age of 5! We have been communicating with her over Facebook and have a messenger group chat with her and a member. The Lord is truly hastening the work and I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity! 

We also are working with a young couple names Miriam and Terri. Terri’s step mom is a member of the church and he has been exposed to it a couple of times. Miriam is from Puerto Rico and is so sweet. We have taught them about the Book of Mormon and they surprised us by coming to church! It was so wonderful! Elder Lorenzo ( our district leader )translated for Miriam and it was awesome, she loved it. We are going to meet with them this week. 

We also working with a family from Micronesia and we taught them the Plan of Salvation this week. And they had tons of questions which was so awesome. There some questions that I didn’t understand and got scared because they were just looking at me but then the Spirit whispered ” bear your testimony of the Plan of Salvation ” As I started to bear my testimony the Spirit came back to the lesson and the Spirit was so strong when Sister Howell bore her testimony as well. After that they asked us to sing for them! Haha so we sang ” Nearer My God to Thee ” and it was a great lesson! We love them! 

On Sunday I had the opportunity to sing, ” I Need Thee Every Hour ” in sacrament meeting and I love this song so much. During the song I was pondering on all the moments throughout my life where I have needed the Lord and how He has always been there. I am grateful I have had the Lord in my life it is because of Him that I have lasting eternal happiness. All of you can have the same. Let the Lord be there with you. He is willing and waiting. I know He lives and loves us. Have a great week everyone and may we all find lasting happiness through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


  • We love visiting Dawn 🙂 
  • We are dysfunctional companionship but boy do we love each other! 
  • Some of our district at Zone Conference just missing Elders Miller & Bassett 
  • OUR MISSION GOT SMART PHONES & we love oreos & apples 
  • We were dead on tuesday so we took a picture then we got super pumped for the rest of the week! 
  • Sister Howell my long lost sister ❤
  • The Brinkerhoffs are the missionaries for the military relations and they are LEAVING! We’re so sad and WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH 
  • Zone Conference! The picture is way blurry! So sorry 🙂 


Week 67 | Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

I hope and pray you all good week! We sure did. I love my mission so much and can’t say that enough. 

Major Miracles that happened this week! 

The beginning of this week was rough! Like I mentioned last week Sister Howell & I have been experiencing lots of rejection everyday. There were 4 days in a row where no one wanted to listen to the message we share. My heart began to break as I felt lost to know what to do. Then on Thursday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I was staying in JC with Sister Goss and I was scared because of the rejection we had been experiencing. As we began driving I just told her everything that had been happening and how I could feel my faith beginning to weaken because nothing was happening in this area. We talked for a little bit about Faith and how the Lord will deliver us. We then said a prayer and went out knocking doors. Within 10 minutes the Lord blessed us with two people who were willing to listen to our message. We continued to go out finding that day and we just focused on talking to everyone. By the end of the day the Lord had blessed us with 6 people who were prepared to hear the message we share. I was in pure shock. This was the Lord saying to me, ” I am with you, this is My Work and I promise you as you work diligently and if it is my will they will be ready to receive you ” I love my Savior and know He Lives. 

We had a lesson with two of our investigators Jon & Julie they are from Micronesia. President Wells ( our branch president ) came to the lesson with us. It was an awesome lesson about the sacrament and about the sabbath day! We invited them to come to church and they came! It was an amazing miracle! The Spirit was there in that lesson. I am so grateful for Member missionary work! 

Kansas is amazing and I love it here. Serving the Lord is a blessing. I love it so much. I am grateful for my Savior and for my mission. 

Have a good week everyone and remember the Lord is with you! 


  • We like willow trees 🙂 
  • I can hold baby rats as long as they are not trying to raid my apartment 
  • I feel I am serving with my long lost sister! I love you Sister Howell! 
  • If you zoom in you can see all butterflies 🙂 
  • Had an amazing exchange with one of our STLs Sister Goss ❤️
  • As you can tell she is super happy to be with me ❤️ 
  • Happy Sunday for the JC branch sisters! 
  • The brinkerhoffs brought us a snack when we went to 5 hours of church  😍


Week 66 | I am so happy

Hello friends & family! 

May I just say how much I love my companion, Sister Howell. She is full of light, joy, and love. I know we are supposed to be together in Junction City plus she’s a great driver. 🙂 I truly do love her. I know I am gonna learn so much from her. 

We had lots of rejection this week but I know the Lord is preparing lots of people here in Junction City! I feel He is also seeing if he can trust us. We are striving our best to talk to everyone and feels so good to do this! No matter how many times people reject us I know the Lord is with us. 

We had a couple of miracles this week! On Saturday we had an MBP to find at least 2 new investigators before dinner and we went out and started knocking doors! The second door we knocked Patrica answered! She came out and we happily told her that we share a message of hope and healing from the Savior. That we have Savior that loves us and He can heal us from all things. She then expressed she couldn’t sit down and talk that day but that she would love for us to come back on Wednesday at 3pm! We are so excited! 🙂 what a miracle! The Lord is amazing and I love Him so much. 

On Sunday all of the people we committed to church canceled. We prayed then we went to church and a young man walked in looking very confused. We quickly walked up to him and he expressed how his girlfriend in Kentucky goes to this church and he wanted to try it out so he looked it up and he came! He was very nervous so we said” here come sit by us!” Right when sacrament was about to start he left to go to the bathroom. Sister Howell and I  got so nervous because we were afraid that he was gonna leave! So we prayed hard! Then he walked in again! 🙂 our hearts were SO HAPPY! Oh my word! After church he stayed so we could tell him more! He lives on Fort Riley ( army base ) and we expressed that He has had a loving Heavenly Father who has watched over him his whole life and he was touched by that. We are meeting with him again on Friday! We’re are so excited! WHAT A MIRACLE! The Lord provided! He guided this young man to us! 

I love my mission so much! Christ lives and loves us. Have the best week everyone! 


  • Sister Hansen & I 🙂 
  • saying goodbye to the best part of the dream team. I love you Sister Curran. You served an amazing mission! 
  • Sister Howell & I ❤️ she is amazing! 
  • Our cute bedroom! 
  • We wanted to match on floral Friday 🌸
  • Of course we study in our proselyting clothes with just a couple extra layers… 
  • walking the streets of this sacred heartland & meeting God’s children is my favorite 
  • We found an awesome junk yard that reminded us of lady & the tramp 
  • This is Sister Howell. I love her and she is a blessed person & is BEAUTIFUL
  • It was Elder Miller’s birthday! Happy Birthday! We celebrated as a district and went out to dinner! What do you do when there is no party hats you buy paw patrol masks… 🙂 
  • We keep matching! 🙂 
  • Happy Sabbath from the Junction City sisters! & Sister Petersen! 
  • Having the best time on p-day with the best ❤


Sister Thompson 💛

Week 65 | The Lord is Hastening His Work

Hi family and friends! 

This week lots of exciting things happened! As most of you saw the Kansas Wichita Mission got Facebook and now we are able to get in contact with those that we are teaching and send them scriptures and videos throughout the week! It’s been an awesome experience so far. 

Alright, miracle time! 

We had three wonderful investigators come to church with us yesterday! Ryan, Mike and Linda! They all loved it. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to work with them and teach our message to those you are ready to here it. We have met some amazing people here in Junction City. We are working with lots of people who are excited to continue learning more about the message we share. 

We had a miracle last week! A member told us about a friend he had at work and told us to go visit her! We went and met her last week and she is so sweet! She had met with missionaries in Virginia and took all the discussions then moved! Her name is Chanel and we love her and her family. She invited us for dinner on Saturday and we’re gonna start the discussions with her then! We’re so excited! Yay! 

Oh my goodness Mike just warms my heart! He is doing so well! He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and loving it! We had a ” break the fast” after church yesterday with the branch and it was so fun! Mike met lots of new friends and we all enjoyed yummy food together. We are going to see Mike later this week and I am so excited! 

We are also working with a man named Ryan who is so awesome! The sisters have been working with him for a while and he is progressing so well! We look forward continuing working with him! 

I feel so blessed. Last night I received a call from the assistants that I will be training a new missionary here in junction city. I thank the Lord and President McCuistion for this amazing learning opportunity. I love my new companion already. I am so excited to learn from her, with her and to see tons of miracles daily! I am grateful for my time with Sister Hansen she taught me lots and we had a great 2 weeks together! She is returning to one of her old areas and reopening it. I am so happy for her.

I just would like to express my gratitude for our Savior, Jesus Christ. He lives and loves us. He knows us by name and is always with us. He is not the one who walks away from us, we are the ones who walk away from Him. Stay with him and walk with him. Have a good week! 


  • silly faces with Little A 🙂 
  • Held a snake at a members house, I loved it. 
  • This is one of my favorite pictures of our Savior, Jesus Christ