58 | Families Can Be Together Forever

Hello what a wonderful and tiring week it has been! We had Zone Conference, two exchanges, a BAPTISM, and a week full of miracles. 

Funny Story: we were sitting in sacrament meeting with T’Andra and her kids and Kaden one of her youngest sons wanted animal crackers but she wasn’t giving him any…. right when they began to pass the sacrament he said, ” Man that’s jacked up. That is jacked up” out loud in his what my mom would call an ” outside voice” laughing by still trying to be reverent I put my arm around him and said, ” were about to get some bread and water so it’s all good buddy. ” still upset about the animal crackers he put his head down and endured sacrament meeting. He did a great job! I LOVE KIDS! 

Ramona Jarvis got baptized on Saturday and confirmed today. It was a beautiful baptism. The Spirit was tangible as Brother Cashman baptized his mother. ( in their pool! ) As we sang ” In the Garden ” ( Ramona’s favorite song ) was a testimony to me that Ramona had been prepared and that the Lord was so proud of her. She is now a new beautiful creature in Christ. 

We had a family of seven come to church this week. What a miracle. It’s a mom and her six children. Her name is T’Andra and Sister Curran and Sister Bunker found her on exchanges on Friday. We went back Saturday morning and taught the Plan of Salvation to her and her children. It was great! They all came to church and stayed the whole time and LOVED IT! Sister Curran and I experienced a little bit of parenthood as we sat in sacrament with 6 children under the age of 10. It was wonderful. After church we went back and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she is on date for baptism for the 5th of August. Two of her children are baptismal age and we are teaching her and kids together. 

We also are teaching a woman named Danetra. Sister Blake and I met her on exchanges this week. We knocked on her door and she let us right in, after we said we share a message about how families can be together forever. We sat down with her and began to share our message. She expressed how she wants her life to better and she wants to get right with God. We explained our purpose and the importance of following Christ in our lives. We went back Sunday evening and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she has accepted a Baptismal date of August 12th, and she is solid to come to church next week with her two children. 

It was a privilege and a blessing to witness all these miracles the Lord performed right in front of our eyes. This week Sister Curran and I worked diligently, followed our plan to baptize, and listened to the Spirit. It was a great week! 

Sister Curran and I taught many families this week and were able to testify that they will all be able to be together in the next life. This is one of God’s Greatest Gifts to us! Eternal Life. As I looked at these families and how special they are my heart was filled with love and happiness as I thought about our loving Heavenly Father who has a plan for us and that He sent his Son Jesus Christ so we may all have eternal life with them. I know the Plan of Happiness is real and true. God loves us and Christ’s Atonement makes Salvation possible. My heart is full of gratitude for this Gospel and I know it to be true. We all are children of a loving Father in Heaven who desires for us to live with Him again. Follow Jesus Christ, read the Book of Mormon and the Bible to know what God is inviting us to do, pray for clear direction and guidance so we may stay strong in this fallen world, and let the Lord guide your life. 

2 Nephi 31:20: “Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.” 

Press Forward and look to the Lord he is anxiously reaching out to you. 

Have a great week everyone! 


  • We met these cute kids that kept wanting more and more pictures of Jesus Christ 
  • It was SO HOT THIS WEEK 
  • There were lots of floral patterns at Zone Conference! I love Sister Blake and Sister Forsyth! 
  • Y’all know I love Sister Shipley 🙂 
  • Sister Curran and I! It’s been such a blessing serving with my best friend for the past 5 months
  • A Father baptizing his mother ❤️ it was a beautiful baptism 
  • Grateful for this wall of memories ❤


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