57 | Glory to God on High

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week. This week was great! Here are a couple of wonderful things that happened! 

Sister Garner and I had an AMAZING experience. We were street contacting and were prompted to knock on a door. A sweet woman named Debra answered. We expressed who we were and she didn’t seem to interested. THEN! She mentioned how she was a musician! So the Spirit whispered to me ” tell her about Hayden and his song he wrote for you ” so I did just that! I said, ” Debra my 14 year old brother is a musician and he wrote me song could I show it to you?” She let us right in! We played the song for her off of my iPad! The Spirit was present and it was amazing! We then found out she has been meeting with missionaries off and on for 5-6 years! Then she went back to playing the piano and she turned to 284 ” If you could Hie to Kolob ” and asked me to sing it for her haha! She is the best! Then we felt prompted to show her Alma 32! We read a couple of verses and she smiled and said, ” I would love to read that again” We left a Book of Mormon and that very chapter to read! We bore our testimony and going to see her next week! Thank you Hayden for your love for music and your talent. I love you! 

A couple weeks ago Sister Curran met a woman named Lemetria on an exchange. Lemetria is a mom of four children and had a spiritual awakening and we had a lesson with her the day of! We taught the Doctrine of Christ ( Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 27 ) 

Then we invited her to church and she came! She also brought her two year old daughter Cherby! I colored with her during sacrament meeting so Lemetria could listen. I loved coloring with Cherby and now we are just buddies 🙂 I love kids! Lemetria stayed all three hours and learned a lot. Later that day we went back and had a powerful Restoration lesson. The Spirit was present and as we testified we were all taught by the Spirit. We invited her to follow her Savior’s example and be baptized. She is currently reading her Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true. We love her and Cherby! 

Ramona Jarvis is doing so well! We love her to pieces! Last week her health was not doing so well. After lots of prayers with her and on her behalf she is feeling much better and came to church yesterday! Her and her son and his wife read the Book of Mormon every night. She is getting baptized on July 15th and she is so excited about it! 

The Lord has truly blessed Sister Curran and I this week. He worked mighty miracles right in front of our eyes. What a blessing to be serving in the Kansas Wichita Mission. I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven so much. They live and love us! May we all recognize the precious blessings God has given us and love Him and our fellow men with all we have and give him great thanks! Have a good week everyone! 

( so sister Curran has a fancy canon camera and loves taking pictures so we had lots of fun with it) 


  • There is a little pit bull puppy on one of our investigators porches so we go play with him some times. It’s a stress reliever. 
  • There was an awesome storm the other night and Sister Curran caught a sick picture of it! The skies are so beautiful 
  • Sister Curran ❤️ I love serving with my best friend
  • Sister Garner and I on exchanges! I love her! 
  • We brought both the sisters up to our area so we had a fun night together 🙂 
  • I love this zone! We have a couple of companionships missing but I love them all! 
  • Fun district meeting at the park on Tuesday! 
  • Lavonne and her grandson 
  • Cutest puppy! 
  • Brother Cashman taught me how to use this wood machine. It was so cool! 
  • We played soccer with these guys for a little bit and taught them the Restoration on the soccer field. They were from Africa and Jamaica! 
  • Mike a sweet man from Iran made us, the Bel Aire Elders, and the office elders dinner  in his backyard. It was a fun experience. 
  • Happy Sabbath from us! We love walking around Kansas preaching the gospel 

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