55 | Hello!!!

This week was busy busy we had three exchanges and it’s was the week before transfers so it was crazy! But GUESS WHAT EVERYONE! SISTER CURRAN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER! We are so happy. Sister Curran is such a blessing to me, the Bel Aire area, and the mission! She is my best friend and I can’t express how happy and excited we are! 

We met Coy So this week! Sister Brady and I were walking down a street just talking to everyone and there was a woman mowing her lawn! We walked up to her and gave her a picture of Jesus Christ. She expressed she was from Cambodia and that her husband had died 5 months ago. She looked so tired and it was very hot outside. I looked at her and said, ” here let us mow your lawn and you just rest for minute” we finished mowing her lawn and sister Brady talked to her more about the Gospel! Her husband was baptized years ago. We introduced the Book of Mormon and testified of the Plan of Salvation. We gave her a Book of Mormon in Cambodian and we have a return appointment with her tonight and we are so excited. She is the sweetest woman. 

We had a Plan of Salvation Lesson with Ramona this week and it was amazing. Her son and his wife were there and we all bore of testimonies and it was great. She loves the Plan of Salvation and she came to church this week! Saturday night we called her and said a prayer with her! We love Ramona so much! 

Have a good week everyone! Stay positive and remember you are LOVED! 


  1. Got to be back with my MTC companion for a day 🙂 
  2. Transformers Roll Out… thanks to the el dorado elders 
  3. Sister Curran drew our characters for District Meeting 
  4. WE FOLLOW CHRIST! I’m so excited to do this! 🙂 
  5. Exchanges this week. Excuse the look on my face it’s just pure exhaustion 🙂 
  6. Went on exchanges with Maize 2nd & we love doing service at the Cashmans. #mowingthegrasstherightway 
  7. Sister Curran and I found this pretty spot and took a picture 🙂 I look angry while smiling but I’m so happy! 
  8. The Best Gardner ever! 
  9. Sister Curran’s famous breakfast ❤ 


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