54 | Again!

Hello! I hope everyone has had a good week! This week went by so fast it was crazy! 

Tuesday night was so good! Joe Strouth entered into the waters of baptism. It was a great program and so many people came to support him! Even people from the ward he is moving into! The water was so cold ( because the hot water got turned off earlier that day… yikes! ) but he still had a great experience. We are so happy for him and excited to see him go to the temple next year. 

This week we also had Mission Leadership Council and it was a great experience. We received lots of revelation for the mission. The Spirit was so strong. I feel so humbled to be apart of the Mission Leadership Council. We also go to attend the temple ( as a mission Leadership Council )  which was a great and redeeming experience. The Spirit was so strong and it was very peaceful to be in the Lords house. I loved the revelation that we received as an MLC for the Kansas Wichita Mission. The first 4 days of June have been incredible and enlightening. The Lord is excited for this month as the Kansas Wichita Mission will baptize 100 precious souls this month. We had a 24 hour fast as a mission to bind ourselves to the Lord and promise Him that for the next 30 days ( the rest of our missions ) we will be EXACTLY OBEDIENT and give everything we have! We are so excited! Hoorah for Israel! 

 So last week I had mentioned that a member of our ward wanted us to teach his mom and we had an appointment with her yesterday! Ramona is incredible! We were able to sit down get to know her, pray with her, do How to Begin Teaching, and teach the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was incredible. She has a huge desire to be baptized. She is on date for June 24th and we are going back to visit her next Sunday but we will contact her midweek and meet with her earlier hopefully. Next time we are going to talk about how they are requirements for baptism and commandments  that God is asking us to live. We look forward to that lesson. I can’t express how amazing that lesson was. One of the most powerful lessons I have had on my mission. The Lord loves her and she has seen and unseen forces around her helping her on this journey to becoming a new creature in Christ. 

This week we went on one exchange and that was such a blessing. We felt promoted to bring both sisters up to our area and that was awesome! We split off and just worked so hard that day. We gave out at least 10-15 Books of Mormon and found so many new people to teach! We had great and powerful experiences all day long! It was so fun as we all talked to everyone we saw and testified of Jesus Christ. We got some harsh rejections but also some funny ones. Which was great! I will always remember those. 

Yesterday while in Relief Society my heart was full of gratitude for my mission. I am so grateful to be here and being learning and seeing people’s lives change through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I would invite each and everyone of you to read 2 Nephi 31 to learn what the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how you can better live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is something I will also do this week! Have a great week everyone. I love you! 

Pictures – 

  1. District Picture ( without the ZLs ) 
  2. Sister Curran & I 
  3. Here’s how we really are… 
  4. ( lots of pictures ) JOES BAPTISM 😍
  5. The Temple Trip with the Mission Leadership Council 
  6. Exchanges with Wichita West Sisters 
  7. We took pictures with someone’s dog after we knocked… they never answered. 
  8. Morning Sports 😍 


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