Week 47 | Seeking and Finding


This week we found 18 new investigators. The Lord is with us and it is a wonderful feeling. One of those investigators names is Joe. Sister Nail and I found Joe while walking around. We stopped to ask him how to find a certain apartment and then the Spirit said, ” talk to him, he has been prepared” and boy was that statement the truth! As we talked to him he expressed he had met with missionaries in the past and had read the Book of Mormon. He has a strong desire to read it again and to find the truth. That night we taught him the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

A couple days later we went back with fellowship to find he had been reading and studying topics on LDS.ORG! Oh my word. He is amazing. That night he addressed a lot of topics including the Plan of Salvation. We addressed his topics simply and by the Spirit. The fellowship was incredible and we are so grateful she was there! She is a recent convert herself. The next night we had a powerful church tour with him and he came to church the next day! It was a lot for him. He did enjoy it and expressed he wanted to go home after the three hours and ponder on it. We reached out to him later and he liked it a lot it was just a lot of people for him which is understandable! We will be seeing him this week and as the Spirit directs we will be inviting him to baptism! He is AMAZING! 

Another miracle I would like to share is we met with the African family again last night! We were praying it would be a lesson full of the Spirit. We couldn’t get a fellowship that knew their language so Sister Curran and I went in their with the Spirit praying a miracle would happen according to Gods will. We began to teach Herman and his daughters from the Swahili pamphlets and it just wasn’t happening haha. Then we called brother ouku, who speaks Swahili and the whole lesson shifted! Although we didn’t understand what was being said the Spirit was so strong! We now have an appointment with that family and brother ouku for next week Thursday! Were so excited! 

After we visited Herman and his family we knocked on another door and a couple of children answered and there mom came to the door and welcomed us right in. We quickly realized that they were also from Africa but they spoke French! We told them we teach people about Jesus Christ and we are going back to visit their family on Tuesday! We are so excited the Lord is with us everyone. What a blessing! 

It was such an amazing opportunity to be here for this Easter season in Kansas. Sister Curran and I were walking around showing people the Prince of Peace video and testifying of Jesus Christ. That video brings so much peace and is such a blessing. I know my Savior Lives! Death has no victory, he has calmed my troubled soul, and he is our Savior and Redeemer. I love him. I would invite you all to watch the Prince of Peace video and think of your Savior Jesus Christ and what Peace he has given you throughout your life. I love you all! Jesus Christ is risen! 

I love my mission and the Savior. I have never been happier! Have a great week everyone! 


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