45 |Can you sing at a wedding?

See the Prince of Peace Video by clicking here

Hello everyone! This week was busy busy! Starting on Tuesday we had Missionary Leadership Council, two exchanges, a mini missionary, Zone Training, singing at a wedding and finding lots of people. 

May I just say how much I love my companion sister Curran! She is the BEST! We laugh all the time and see tons of miracles. Being together is so a blessing from Heavenly Father!

We saw lots of great miracles this week here are some I would love to share with you: 

We met a guy names Jabaloni and he was very open the first time as we showed him the Prince of Peace video. We then went back the next day and gave him the Book of Mormon and invited him to church! We invited to come at 10:30 so we could show him around first. It was Sunday morning and we realized that we did not have his number. We were praying and we left for the church. 10:30 came and Jabaloni wasn’t there. We were calling others we had invited and no one was picking up. We then went inside to talk to some members and the mini missionary that was with us looked outside and said, ” look he’s here!” We were completely shocked! As we walked outside we were all saying prayers of gratitude in our hearts. That was an outstanding miracle. The Lord has truly prepared Jabaloni! He stayed for all three hours and loved it and said he will come back this week! 

Elder Gidney ( one of my Zone Leaders ) and I had the opportunity to sing ” Our Saviors Love ” at someone’s wedding in our ward. We walked noticed that some of her non member family was there! Her husband is also a non member. The Spirit was strong as we sang. Us and the zone leaders after the wedding went around and passed out prince of peace cards! We all got new investigators and it was amazing. We have return appointments with them this week. 

Last night Sister Curran and I around 8:00pm were determined and worked with the Lord to find 3 more new investigators. We had a promise to the Lord we would 14 new investigators this week! We went to go visit a family in an apartment complex where African refugees stay. As we walked around we saw three men standing. We went up to them and talked to them for a while. They asked us how we became missionaries and who sent us to Kansas we explained the process simply and briefly. We also took the opportunity to share the Prince of Peace video. They loved that. Afterward we set up a return appointment and said goodbye. As we were walking around they came to us again and one of them Herman wanted us to come and meet his daughters! We said of course and his daughters were so sweet. We also showed them the video and taught them more about Jesus Christ! It was difficult to teach all of them because of the language barrier but we have some people in our ward who speak their language. Last night we found 6 new investigators. What a miracle! Herman and his daughters are committed to come to church next week and jack and his sons are committed to come as well! My heart is full of gratitude for our Savior and our Heavenly Father. 

It was awesome to have a mini missionary this weekend! She is from another stake and has a desire to go on a mission. Gillian’s testimony was great. We hope and pray she had a great experience. She will be a great missionary. I remember going on my mini mission and it got me so pumped for this amazing experience I am having now. I love my mission and am so grateful for it. I love my Savior and know He lives! Have a good Easter on Sunday everyone! 

Went to go open this door because the handle was broken and I broke it! 😦 

Lavonne is a sweet member of the church and she loves her Heavenly Father! 

Exchanges with the College Hill! Sisters Petersen & Kitchen 

Maggie in Newton! She posted this picture on  instagram with #PrinceofPeace!  Exchanges with sister Neilson 🙂 

P- day with the best 

Zone Training with the Bel Aire zone! 

Had lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Mike 

We love teaching Jerry about the lasting peace that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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