Week 41 | Prayer

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I’m so sorry that I did not send out a weekly email again! All is well here in Kansas! 🙂 I wanna apologize for the length of this email. I’m sorry that it’s so long! 

I wanna start off today by telling a funny story: It was Friday around 6:00pm and we had just finished eating dinner in our apartment. It had been a long day. On our way out we stopped to check the mail and there was an older man polishing his 2008 black corvette. I got out of the car and he looked at me and said, ” ( Italian accent ) hey come get a picture with my car and put it on Facebook” I laughed and said, ” yes it is a very nice car” I proceeded to check the mail. Walking back and he looked at me again and said, ” you going to get a picture of it?” I laughed once again and asked him, ” where are you from?” He said, ” ah I am from Italy, here come.” He walked closer to me and took my hand and pulled me over to the back of his car. While this is going on Sister Jensen is in the car watching me and laughing. I looked at her with a worried look on my face because this man was still holding my hand and pulling me away from her. Haha! Sister Jensen got out the car and we talked him for a little bit. He told us he was in the army and we asked why and he responded, ” it was a good way to find women and meet people” we both looked at each other and laughed and introduced ourselves as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter – Day Saints. He said, ” oh yes I tried to marry a Mormon girl once” then he told us that he was very good looking when he was our age. We asked him if he had ever heard about the Book of Mormon. He laughed and said yes. Then it was silent and he looked at me and said, ” you cute!” I turned bright red and laughed and said, ” thanks” while walking away, because we both knew this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. He then told us that tomorrow he wanted us to come take a picture with his nice car and his $5,000 camera. His name is Giovanni and he is a funny Italian man who loves expensive cars, traveling, and cameras. Heavenly Father knew we needed to laugh a little bit. 

So this week we dropped some donations off at goodwill! And we gave the guy the bag of stuff and I said, well can we give you something?! He looked at me all confused and said, ” sure…” we introduced the Book of Mormon to him and we invited him to read it! We marked the introduction and handed it to him! Since he was on the clock we didn’t have time to get his contact information but we asked him to text us so we can meet with him again! Now from past experiences not a lot of people actually text the missionaries back because they probably think we are weird

 but some people do! We are hoping to go back to goodwill to ” drop some donations off” but we will really be going to see if Zach is there! Wow I love being missionary. Talking to people is the BEST and people in Kansas are my favorite! 

 We saw Jim Baker one of our investigators this week. We had a church tour with him last week with a member. That went well and we invited him to read 3 Nephi 18. We went back to follow up on his reading. We asked him what stood out to him and he said, ” well the blessings that come from baptism I guess.” It was silent as we prayed within our hearts and kept the baptismal inviatation on the front of our minds the Spirit became tangible. We looked at him and said, ” Jim do you want those blessings that come from following your Savior, Jesus Christ?” He looked down for a minute then looked up and said, ” yes but I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my coffee yet” By the Spirit we were bold and testified of this blessings and eternal life and that he will be able to live with his wife again. That seemed to spark something. He is now preparing to be baptized on april 8th. We are meeting with him often and inviting him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray often. Our next step with him is a lesson on prayer in a members home. We look forward to working with him. 

We had a lesson with a Jehovah’s witnesses. We have been working with her for a while. Her name is Virginia and yesterday we had a virtual church tour with her! She loved it and is coming to church next week. We also talked about the Plan of Salvation and that was a long discussion. Virginia has very different beliefs and has a hard time with what we teach her so both Sister Jensen and I came out of that lesson mentally and spiritually exhausted. We just closed the lesson by testifying to her of the love that God has for us as His children. We do enjoy teaching her and she is so sweet and enjoys reading the Book of Mormon so we love discussing it with her. 

We also saw Barbra this week! If some of y’all don’t remember Barbra has been investigating the church for 2 months now and has a Catholic background. She is so sweet and loves her Savior Jesus Christ. This week we focused on the Book of Mormon with her and the truthfulness of it. In the lesson she said, ” you know I am finding a quite a bit of similarities within the Bible and Book of Mormon so I will continue to read it” When she said that our hearts were filled with joy! We smiled and testified of the Book of Mormon! YAY! We invited her to church on Saturday but she was so sick. Everyone is sick around here! 😦 we are excited to see her this week! We will be giving her a virtual church tour! 

Something that I came across today was ” prayer ” I am going to study the Book of Enos ( a chapter in the Book of Mormon that is about a man who prays ) but first I wanted to understand prayer a little better so I went to true to the faith! ( it’s an amazing book! ) In there it talked about family prayer and the importance of daily family prayer! I wanna share this with you : ” Through regular family prayer, you and your family members will draw nearer to God and to each other. Your children will learn to communicate with their Father in Heaven. You will all be better prepared to serve others and withstand temptations. Your home will be a place of spiritual strength, a refuge from the evil influences of the world. “  I love this with all my heart! Your home can and will become a place of spiritual strength! The world is scary and is becoming darker and darker   but we are so blessed to be living in a dispensation ( a moment in time ) where the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is here! I want to leave my witness with you that I know Christ lives. Prayer is a commandment from God so we may draw closer to Him and the people around us. As we pray we are going before ” the throne of God ” the next time you pray whether it be in personal, family, or public prayer I would invite you to kneel and imagine yourself approaching the throne of God then speak to Him. May we all remember that prayer is a two way communication we must speak then LISTEN for Him to speak to us through the Spirit and that will come in feelings of peace, joy, comfort, or warning, He could answer us through other people, and reading the scriptures. May we all take time to communicate with our Heavenly Father. He is anxiously awaiting to come to our rescue and aid. 

Have an amazing week everyone! I love you all! I love my mission with all my heart! By the way today we were walking out of the Walmart and I had the gallon milk in the bag and it decided to break and the milk fell the gallon broke, sister Jensen was laughing so hard a car full of young guys stopped their car to laugh and yeah! Happy Monday! 

Zone Training in Wichita! 

So true! 🙂 Blog Title for this week_ Prayer

Sister Thompson 🌻☀🌿

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