Week 42 | Like A Broken Vessel

Hello everyone. This week was crazy. We have loved every second. We this precious opportunity to be representatives of Jesus Christ. 

 We went and taught one of our investigators Barbra. She has been investigating for 3 months and has a strong catholic background. She continues to read the Book of Mormon. She has not come to church yet because she has lots of health problems but she has a desire to come. She has done family history at the west link building and she loved that experience! We had a lesson with her this week. The lesson was silent and Sister Jensen then asked her if she knew the Book of Mormon was the word of god. Barbra said she is still praying about it. We then invited her to say a prayer then open up the book and read and while doing that have a question in her heart. That was a powerful lesson I felt so grateful to be there. 

 We also had a great lesson with some of our new investigators! Their names are Jake, Trisha, and they have two daughters. One of nine and the other one is two. On Saturday we had a set appointment with them and gave them a virtual church tour! We began the lesson by saying a prayer and we invited them to listen to the way we prayed because we were gonna invite them to pray at the end! We then started HTBT Zane asking inspired questions. The Spirit was incredibly strong. They were excited to come to church! At the end we testified and Jake ( the father ) said the prayer. It was a beatiful prayer full of gratitude for his family and his life. They were fully committed to come to church! The next morning Trisha and Allison ( the nine year old ) came to church and stayed the whole time! Jake stayed home with their younger daughter because she didn’t sleep well. We are so grateful for that miracle! 

I want to share a personal experience that I had this week with you all about Trusting in God.  On Monday night I began to feel achey, my head was pounding, and my throat was throbbing. I kept telling myself silently, ” you aren’t getting sick. You are not sick. Just sleep it off. You’ll be fine.” After tossing and turning all night long not being able to swallow I woke up and knew exactly what I had. Strep Throat. I’ve gotten it too many times. Strep Throat is a nasty virus. I couldn’t believe it. We went to District Meeting because it was the last one of the transfer. And of course this would be the one where I would give a training. So fun! Later that day we went into urgent care and sure enough I had Strep Throat. Later that night it got worse. I was laying in bed crying and praying silently for Heavenly Father to take this away. I felt terrible for my companion that her first six weeks in the Mission field were full doctors offices, sicknesses, and rejection. I began to become very discouraged. That’s when I let Satans influence come into my mind, I began thinking, ” you are a terrible missionary for laying down, you are holding back your companion, the Lord is disappointed in you, Heavenly Father has abandoned you. ” I began to believe what I was thinking. Sister Jensen came in and sat by me. We prayed together and cried together. Later that evening I received a priesthood blessing that gave me hope and light that Heavenly Father never left me. I was filled with the Spirit and knew I wasn’t alone. I was reminded that it is necessary to experience these trials in life so we may learn and grow. I slept peacefully that night. I woke up the next day feeling  even worse than the day before but I had a better understanding that I was not alone. Later in the week Sister Jensen got sick and we were both coughing and feeling miserable. I feel terrible that I gave that nasty sickness to her! 


Each and everyone of us will experience trials within our lives whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually. Or all the above!  As crazy as it sounds these all are necessary for us to grow and to learn. Throughout our trials whether they be long or short we may feel like giving up, like there is no hope or light, like Heavenly Father has left us, like no one understands what we feel like, we may feel like a broken vessel. Experiencing those thoughts and feelings are normal, we are human. A miraculous lesson I have learned over the course of my mission is that we are not the first of God’s children to ask, “please take this from me”. Many and most of God’s children have cried out to Him asking for a trial or experience to be taken away. The one Child of God that said it  for all of us is Jesus Christ. In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus Christ took upon himself the pains and afflictions of the world. He knows YOU and YOUR pains and afflictions. He loves you unconditionally. I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I love my Savior so much. I know He lives. I would invite all of you to pray to know that Christ lives and loves YOU! 

 You are calling me to do what???

 Saturday night I received a call from President. He informed me that the Lord has called me to serve as a Sister Training Leader in the Bel Aire Zone. I now will be serving on the east side of Wichita. When President was talking to me my heart broke into pieces for many reasons: 1) I am leaving Sister Jensen 2) I am leaving this area 3) I am feeling very scared and nervous. Serving in Maize has been such a blessing. I have come to know my Savior even more in this area. The people that are here have been prepared by our Savior to here of His divine Gospel. I will miss them so much. The members in Maize are doing amazing missionary work and they are such a blessing to all missionaries. My heart is full of gratitude for my precious time here in Maize. I can’t wait to see what happens in this area. 

         I will miss Sister Jensen. Over these past six weeks we have grown very close together in multiple ways. We have laughed, cried, taught, learned, together and much more. I’m so grateful that she stood my side throughout these six weeks when I was feeling like a broken vessel. I pray with all my heart that I did the same for her. Sister Jensen is a fantastic missionary. I have learned lots from her but I would like to share one of the things I have learned from her with you. She is lovingly bold. That is so important. Time and time again we would be sitting in silence in a teaching appointment and she would look up and ask such a bold and inspired question. I will always remember her and all that I have learned from her! I LOVE her!


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