Week 40 | A Divine Privilege

Hello! I’m so sorry that I did not have a weekly blog last week (Well, I think my Dad did post three pictures). Last week was good and busy! I can’t tell you enough how much I love serving in Kansas. Kansas is a beautiful place filled with people who have been changing my life since June last year. 

One miracle the Lord gave to us this week was we were in an apartment complex on the top floor trying a potential investigator. We had a strong impression to go up to all the doors and say a quiet prayer to know if the Lord wanted us to knock on it. There were three floors so we began. Nothing on the third floor, we went to the second we knocked one and the lady politely declined. Then the first floor came, our hearts starting beating rapidly and we knew that the Lord’s elect lived on this floor. We began saying quiet and earnest prayers. Then we came to apartment 112. We said a second prayer of reassurance and knocked. The door was opened slowly and a sweet old Chinese woman answered. She looked at us with a worried look and put her hand up to tell us, “hold on” she yelled for someone else and her grand daughter came in. She said, “Can I help you?” We put big smiles on our faces and said, “We are representatives of Christ and we share a message that you can be with your family forever!” She smiled and said, ” Yes, well would you like to come in” We said yes! We were so excited. We sat down with them for about 45 minutes and just focused on trying to understand them because the language barrier is pretty difficult. (Shout out to Brother O’Reilly who served his mission in China! We need your help Brother O’Reilly). We expressed to them that we have a special book for them in their language and we would get it to them the next day. That special book was the Book of Mormon. We love this family so much and we cannot wait to continue teaching them. It will be hard and we know we can’t do it but the Lord can.

Another miracle this week happened with Mark Everett. Earlier that morning we role played a powerful lesson and the Spirit was so strong. We went into the lesson with inviting mark to baptism on our minds. We showed a Mormon message and testified of the power that following the Savior can bring into our lives. The Spirit directed us to boldly invite him so we did. He was silent for a few minutes and then expressed he is seriously considering it but he needs more time. Which we feel peace about. Mark is an amazing man. We love him so much! 

Zone Conference was this week and it was revelatory and a great experience. In my study journal I took notes and here are some of the highlights for me: 

  1. Being repentant and clean daily will allow us to be clean and pure vessels for the Savior to work through. As we set the example of being repentant and clean we will be able to bear pure and powerful testimony of repentance to the people we come in contact with. 
  2. The Kansas Wichita Mission culture is powerful and it is the Lord’s vision and culture for this mission. I could feel that and know it to be true. 
  3. As the zone conference was going on a statement that Brother Donaldson kept running through my mind, ” If we slow down to build Faith their conversion will speed up” I thought of the investigators we are working with. We can see in their eyes that they have a strong desire for their Faith in Christ to build and as missionaries we will show and the Spirit will teach them how. Which is through the Book of Mormon, Praying with real intent, and Attending church.

This week was good but this coming week will be better. What is bold today will not be bold tomorrow. 

It is a divine privilege to serve in the Kansas Wichita Mission. Being missionary is so hard but brings the greatest joy. I love my Savior and know He lives. I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers, emails, letters, and gifts. Thank you so much. Have a good week everyone. Remember to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Serve others and just know that a smile from you to someone else can change their day. 


Rewatching the Missionary Broadcast with our favorite Maize 2nd Sisters! 


Tri – Zone Conference


One of my favorite poems 


Before Sunday Dinner at the Clarks 


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