Week 38 | The Plan of Happiness


What is the Plan of Happiness? Click here to learn more.

It’s so fun to have a birthday on a mission! Thank you to everyone for the gifts, emails, love, prayers, and support! I still look and feel sixteen years old! Whoohoo! This week was sad but happy and crazy all at the same time! I hope and pray y’all had a wonderful week! 

So this week I said goodbye to Sister McArthur that was a hard goodbye. She is truly incredible. She has not only changed my mission but my life. She taught me to have hope when I didn’t feel like there was any, she teaches with power and authority, she is loving and kind to everyone she meets, she is hilarious, and much more! She is one of my best friends. I feel so blessed that I was able to serve with her! 

This week on Tuesday Sister McArthur and I received a phone call from the assistants and they asked us if we could take some new sister missionaries out for a couple of hours! We said of course! I knew that the sister I was training would be in that group so I was kind of nervous but I knew the assistants wouldn’t pair us up. On the transfer document I was told I was training Sister Jensen! Sure enough when Sister McArthur and I get there they pair me up with Sister Jensen! My heart was beating so fast! One of the assistants pulled me aside and said, ” do not tell her that you are her trainer” I was supposed to take her out for 3 hours and not tell her anything! Boy was that hard! Kind of fun though at the same time. Haha. It was so fun taking out new missionaries! Sister Jensen is a great teacher and has a great Spirit about her. I cannot wait to serve with her even more! 

Miracle time! Let’s be honest…. the whole mission is a miracle 🙂 I love being a missionary! I cannot say that enough! 

So on Thursday we went out to Maize ( a part of our area ) and we taught one of investigators Ana ( you pronounce the name like the frozen princess ) We went through the first chapter of the Book of Mormon with her and when we got to verse 12 in chapter 1 the Spirit was so strong. Before we read it we promised her that this specific verse was for her! The verse says ” 12 And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord” She said I want that! She committed to read the rest of the chapter and we are seeing her this next week! 

We also taught an amazing investigator this week! His name is Jonathon! He is twelve. On Saturday we went over there with a member and taught him the Plan of Salvation ( Happiness ). The Spirit was incredible. At the end of the lesson we said, ” Jonathon we know this plan is here for you. You have a purpose and God loves you. How do you feel when you think about this plan?” He began to cry. He wants to be happy so bad. That was incredible lesson. 

I know the Plan of Salvation ( Happiness ) is for all mankind. I know we each play a part in the Plan. We are children of God. Just think of that! Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ Salvation is possible. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and know that He lives. I would invite each and everyone one of you to ponder and learn more about your purpose here on earth. Pray to know how our Father in Heaven feels about you. 

Have a good week! 

Last trip to Moxi with the one & only Sister McArthur.  I miss her everyday! She’s gonna have so much fun in Lawrence! 


Westin & I do homework every week! He will definitely pass his spelling test! 


Sister Jensen & I! Isn’t she gorgeous?! I love this sister to pieces! 


A woman in Maize had her Christmas tree put up outside! Happy Holidays in the middle of February! Boy do I love being a missionary. 


We love when Kansas gets bipolar & you have a 72 degree day in the middle of winter.


President McCuistion is the BEST! I love him so much! Oh yes… this is our phone it is a dinosaur. 


So thankful for the members and my mom sending me my favorite cupcake mix!  We LOVED making the cream cheese frosting together 



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