Week 37 | Fun, Miracles, Training A New Missionary, Again!

Hi! I hope you guys had a good week! The weeks now just go by so fast and it’s not my favorite but I’m SO grateful for the time the Lord is blessing me with. So in my last blog I mentioned how Sister McArthur and I wanted a normal week! Well that did not happen. I mean to be real there is no normal weeks in a mission! They are just full of fun and miracles! 

This week was full of miracles! We had a powerful lesson last night with Mark one of our investigators and his daughter who is coming back to church! We had a lesson on the Book of Mormon and went through the first chapter of Nephi with them! The Spirit was so strong! They both are committed to read the Book of Mormon every day! Mark also came to church! He loved it! 

We met a boy named Jonathon this week! He is 12 and super sweet! We gave him a Book of Mormon and and set up a return app with him! We went over the next day and his dad walked out with him and was so open! We taught the restoration right then and there and the Spirit was so powerful! We are seeing them later this week! So pumped! 

I received a call last night from the assistants to the president and the Lord has called me to be a trainer. I feel so honored, nervous, and I am very humbled to receive this opportunity again. Training is truly a blessing. It is hard but such a tender mercy because as new missionaries we come out of the MTC so filled with the Spirit ready to act and it’s amazing to have that in a companionship. I cannot wait to meet her on Wednesday! I love her so much already! I know that I cannot do this but the Lord can! He will be victorious as we are exactly obedient, diligent, and listen to the still small voices of the Spirit. My heart breaks to see Sister McArthur leave because she is truly one of my best friends. I will never ever forget our time together here in maize! She is an outstanding missionary and has taught me the true meaning of diligence and love for our Savior. AH! I just love her with all my heart! 

Sorry I don’t have a lot of time today! I love you all and know my Savior lives. The Book of Mormon is true! I’m just so happy! 

Picture #1: Last District Meeting of the transfer 


Picture #2: Exchanges with our STL ( Sister Training Leader ) Sister Tafua 


Picture #3: The Wichita Zone! 


Picture #4: Got to see Ashley & her Family from Corona! 🙂 


Picture #5: our last p- day together well… for now 🙂 


From the Editor (Dad): The following email was sent by Sister McArthur, Taylor’s companion who will be moving on. It is moments reading something like this give Mom’s and Dad’s exceedingly great joy. So, proud of your Sister Thompson!

It’s true. I’m leaving Maize and I’m leaving sister Thompson 💔 yesterday night we were on our way to an appointment and the assistants called and called sister Thompson to be a trainer! Waaahooo!! I was so happy because I knew the new sister would love sister Thompson, learn so much from her and I was so happy (: and then I realized that, that meant I’m leaving. And yes, I cried. I have come to love the people of maize so much. (Don’t take this the wrong way mom) but leaving Maize will be harder than when I left home. I have prayed, studied and just loved the people here so much. I have all the streets memorized (no joke) but it’s okay. The Lord has called to serve in in LAWRENCE 1st WARD! Waahooo. My comps name is sister Trawick and she only has one transfer left, so we’re gonna have a party and get work done. 

This week was so good! Last Sunday we went with the YW president to a less actives house to talk to a girl that’s coming into YW, and then we started talking to her grandpa Mark who’s talked with missionaries in the past, but then stopped. Well turns out he YW president and him are super good friends and we had a powerful lesson on the priesthood and the The Restoration of the gosple of Jesus Christ. He came to church yesterday, and then last night we went over and had a super powerful lesson on the Book of Mormon. He committed to reading some fro the Book of a Mormon every day, and we feel he is a potential baptism for February.

So every Wednesday and Sunday we have a comp inventory. (We talk about our companionship and what we can we doing better as a companionship, our goals, and stuff like that) Well me and sister Thompson had our last comp inventory yesterday and we talked about all the things we’ve learned this transfer and let me just say, wow. I have learned so much from sister Thompson. She’s taught me how to immediately bring the spirit even when we’re just talking to someone on the street, she bears such a strong testimony. She is such a hard worker and she’s so willing to recognize when she messes up, she repents and then she goes to work even stronger with the sprit. But probably the biggest thing she’s taught me is communication. Before sister Thompson I kinda had a “riding solo” kinda attitude. I know I can do things on my own, so I did them, or I wouldn’t always express what I was feeling and thinking and I would keep it to myself. But sister Thompson has taught me how to have good communication and to create and environment in a relationship that you can talk about anything and simply express how you’re feeling. (That makes it sound like we haven’t gotten along, but I promise I haven’t! I love her so much and real tears will be cried when I hug her for the last time on Wednesday.)


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