Week 36 | The Lord is hastening His Work!


I’m gonna say it again…but oh what a week. Lots of changes and meetings and craziness. Sister McArthur and I are craving a normal week! I feel so bad Sister McArthur was sick all week! She is feeling kind of better today but it’s been hard! I guess a virus is going around so that’s fun 🙂 being sick in general stinks! Being sick on a mission is horrible! I’m praying she will be better this coming week! We had three meetings in a row this week! Crazy!       

So lots of small but significant changes! We had a live worldwide mission broadcast on Wednesday this week with a council including Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Elder Anderson. It was a powerful experience to hear their testimonies and their loving council! There were a few changes in the missionary schedule. P-days are still on Mondays but now it’s from 8AM – 6 PM instead of 9AM – 6PM. Our daily schedule has changed a bit so it gives us the opportunity to plan when we will have companionship study and when we come in at 9PM we can go to bed between 9:30-10:30PM and we will plan the next morning. I hope that makes sense! I will post a picture of the new schedule for those who would like to see it. 

We also have the opportunity to use Skype & iMessage & Facebook ( soon to come). We now can Skype members of our ward into lessons with investigators! How cool is that! We can use iMessage to communicate with investigators and members to send them Mormon messages and such! After seeing all these wonderful improvements it is a testimony to me that the Lord is hastening His work! It is SO exciting! YAY! I have to admit it was very overwhelming at first and still is because of the changes but the Lord is bringing peace into our souls. 

We had a miracle yesterday with a members Father! We went over there with the YW president to invite the members daughter to New Beginnings. We saw the members Dad outside! His name is Mark and the YW’s President knew him so well because they were neighbors. The conversation was started and before we knew it we were all sitting down in chairs in the garage testifying of the Restoration. The member invited him to church 3 times and it was SO powerful! He is committed to coming to church this next week and we are so excited. He has been to church before and he has loved it. We can’t wait! We love Mark 🙂 Heavenly Father blessed us with that miracle this week! 

So for those who are following the blog remember Logan Nicolas? I talked about him last week. He is 9 years old and is preparing for baptism! Right now the baptism is postponed because of some things but he is still progressing which is great! We are SO excited for him! 

This week one of the meetings was from 8:00AM – 5:00PM and it was at the mission office with someone from the Missionary Department and we were trained on how to utilize all of the new tools! That was fun but a long meeting. The Spirit was so STRONG! And Sister McArthur and I received lots of beautiful revelation. 

The work was slow this week but we felt the Spirit this week and the Lord’s hand in His work. I know this Gospel to be true. I know my Savior lives and loves each and everyone of us! I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. The Maize 1st area is blessed, Sister McArthur is one of my best friends, our Savior Jesus Christ  is my rock and my salvation and I know He will continue to be victorious in His work. Have a great week everyone! One last thing!!!! I would invite you all to watch the Mormon Message ” Daily Bread: Pattern” and think of 3 ways you can spiritually nourish your soul! One of the ways for me that I will focus on this week is reading the Book of Mormon before I go to bed! 🙂 

Picture #1: After not seeing Sister Shipley for 2 months it was a crazy happy reunion. Isn’t she beautiful! She is an incredible missionary!


Picture #2: The Sherwood missionaries reunited. We have all decided we will go back 🙂


Picture #3: This is a BEAUTIFUL painting of the Ten Virgins and a Poem called, ” Which Virgin?” And I would encourage ALL to read it! 🙂 

Picture #4: This is Johnny Taylor and she is 93! She surprised us at church yesterday! She is the BEST! 


Picture #5: The new schedule! 


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