Week 35 | Sweet Is The Peace The Gospel Brings


What a week. Ha! This week was crazy fast and a lot happened. So much fun and miracles! Funny Story: I have found that the floor is so comfortable and I have never found it to be so comfortable until my mission! Not just sitting on the floor but SLEEPING on the floor! So after we plan for the next day it’s like 9:45PM we end with a kneeling prayer and we then get ready for bed but some nights we come home so tired that I fall asleep on the floor! I’ll then hear Sister McArthur call my name and I wake up so confused because it’s then 10:10! Haha it’s a gift and a curse. I’m gonna work on that this week! 

This week was full of miracles and I don’t even know where to start. The Savior was with us the whole time this week and it was amazing to feel of His strength. He was truly victorious in His work. 

One great miracle we had this week happened on Sunday! We are working with a less active family ( the Nicolas family ) who have three kids and one of the children is nine years old and is not baptized and the mom has gone less active and the father has no interest in the church. We have a great relationship with both parents especially the mom! She tells us she can feel the Spirit when she comes to church and when we visit her weekly. Saturday night we invited the mom and kids to church and said we would come and make them breakfast early that morning and sit with them at church! As we went over at 8AM everyone was dressed for church and we began to help the mom make breakfast!! It was such a sweet experience seeing them come to church! The service was great and they stayed the whole time! The mom was making amazing comments and the kids loved their primary classes. Later that evening we went back to their home and had a lesson with the family on the importance and blessings of baptism. We had the mom and the oldest brother bear their testimonies of baptism and the Spirit was so strong. Logan ( the nine year old ) accepted a baptismal date and is preparing for February 11th! We are so excited to continue working with this amazing family. 

We also found 12 new investigators this week and two of them are on date for February 18th! We are seeing them this next week and helping them prepare for that! We can’t wait to meet more people this week and invite them to come closer to Christ! 

So this week I felt so much peace as the week was going by fast. I have felt peace throughout my life and I know it is because my family and I made the choice to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Peace is ALWAYS available. Seek peace. We are never left comfortless. I invite you all to read John 14:18 which says, ” 18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” Our Savior loves us so much and desires for us to follow Him. I know this to be true and can testify of this divine and simple truth! Have a great week. 

Walking down sun lite streets & proclaiming the gospel brings pure joy (my companion loves taking accidental pictures) 


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