Week 21 | Tornado Watch??? Bring it Kansas!

Hello everyone! I hope we all had a good week. This week went by way too fast. Transfers happened this past week & I stayed which is what we figured since Sister Shipley & I are training 🙂 We had some people leave the zone which is sad because I love them SO much! So Elder Hawkes from our ward ended up leaving which was sad so they came over to borrow the car the day they were leaving and we took some pictures 🙂 We also got a new district leader and a lot of new people in our district and we are so excited because.

We can already feel the unity we have! The Spirit is strong every time we meet together.

This week we went over BIQs with Maki & Miya Alberts and they are both ready but they haven’t been to church 3 times so that is the struggle there but Maki’s interview is scheduled for tomorrow at 4:30 which is exciting! We go over almost everyday and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with them which is such a powerful experience. We are in 1 Nephi 5 right now & Maki loves it!

Travis Glenn came to church this Sunday! YAY! We made a mutual binding commitment with Heavenly Father and promised that we would do anything & everything to get Travis to church & shortly after that we found a ride & great fellowship for him! What a blessing & miracle! He loved church and is still on date for Oct. 29th which is exciting! He still continues to read the BOM everyday & is saying personal prayers daily. Connie ( his mom & recent convert) is so excited for him to enter in the cleansing healing waters of baptism.

This week we struggled to find new investigators – found through members which was hard. Ever since I came out I’ve always had this fear of asking for referrals and I have no clue why! So this week Sister Shipley & I are gonna testify of our purpose as missionaries & ask everyone for referrals! We can’t wait to make this mutual binding commitment with Heavenly Father.

I will end with a funny story. So this week we were on tornado watch one day & in the beginning it just looked like a normal storm & the wind was getting stronger but I wasn’t thinking anything about it. We come out from our dinner & the sky was turning yellow & greenish. So once I saw that I started to be a tad bit worried….haha but the elders were laughing at me the whole time cause I’ve been asking for a tornado but  now I’ll just stick to watching them on TV! There was no tornado but it was exciting!

I love my mission with all my heart and I know that this gospel is true. I can testify that Jesus Christ lives and loves each & everyone of us. ” There are always good things to come”


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