Week 20 | The man who says he can and the man who says he cannot are both usually right


Happy October & Conference weekend! What an incredible time to be alive! We are truly living in a time where the fullness of the Gospel is upon the earth. We are so blessed to be disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to be divine children of Heavenly parents who
love us, & to be playing a role in the great plan of happiness.

Hear a prophets and apostles speak here

Conference was fantastic. We can take this opportunity to either prepare & receive personal sacred revelation OR sleep. I hope and pray we all chose the first one! If not, your Savior, Jesus Christ & I invite & plead with you to go back and watch it with a real intent to
know that what is being said comes out of the mouths of the Lord’s servants & I give you my sure solemn witness that what was said is true.


This week was good! Connie Glenn’s (recent convert) son is on date for baptism for October 29th! His name is Travis & he has been truly prepared by the Lord! He reads one chapter of the Book of Mormon every single day. Like whaaa….he is awesome! Connie is SO happy! OH & her daughter is getting baptized in our neighboring ward!

This week in district meeting we really focused on goals & having the faith in our Savior to achieve them. As a district we set some really high goals & I remember sitting there thinking can we really do this? The Spirit whispered to me,” not by yourself…but with your Savior & Heavenly Father you can” In that moment I realized that my faith was not to be put in myself or other people but in my Savior Jesus Christ & his Atonement. This week this quote kept popping into my head, “The man who says he can and the man who says he can’t are both usually right” I love this quote! It is so true & Sister Shipley & I experienced it this week! Some days were full of faith & making commitments with the Lord & others were full of fear & discouragement.

Do not let fear, discouragement, sadness, stress, etc. take over. Have faith in the Savior & His atoning sacrifice for you! Let him carry you and go before you. He will lift you and make whatever seems unfair in this life right. I want to leave this quote with you that was said at Women’s Conference “He would do anything to take this from you. In
fact, He already has.”


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