Week 16 | “Oh, President McCuistion, meet our investigator?”

Hi! How are you? I hope you all are doing incredible! This week was craziness! So many tender mercies from the Lord! Too many to count! Funny story for the week: We walked into the church with our investigator Donald for a church tour and I looked down the hall and President McCuistion was there! What?! He came walking down the hall and introduced himself to our investigator! It was so awesome. I love President McCuistion. Whenever he walks into a room the Spirit is so strong. After the church tour we were still in shock that he met our investigator. President is like a celebrity over here!

This week we met Nikki! Nikki was out on her porch and we went up to her and just started introducing the church. We’ve met her before and she is truly incredible. She asked us what her purpose was here on earth. We testified of Heavenly Father’s love for her and how she is a chosen daughter of His. She ended up missing church because she had to
go to the doctor and she asked us to bring her a Book of Mormon! That just made our hearts so happy. We can’t wait to see her again. We can just envision her in white. She is on date for September 25th. That will be the best day ever!

We also are teaching two kids right now! There names are Maki and Miya. Maki is 11 and Miya is 8. They are both found through members. What a tender mercy from the Lord! Maki has lots of questions and they both like reading the Book of Mormon. We plan on having a church tour with them this week and getting them to church on Sunday.

Yesterday was fast Sunday and Connie (our recent convert) got up to bear her testimony! What a sweet moment that was! Her testimony is so strong. Recent converts are so pure & humble. There language is so genuine. There is just a different light about them. Connie is doing amazing. She loves the gospel and she is just soaking it all in.

This week went by so fast. One thing that I’ve been trying to focus on is responding to stress positively.  Easier said than done, haha. I know that by fully relying on the Savior He will deliver us out of bondage according to His will and pleasure. I love my Savior so much.
I know I have so much to learn while here and am so grateful for the people of Kansas and all that they are teaching me. I know missionary work is the most important and miraculous work anyone can do.

I promise that I will feed His sheep and do it forever. (John 21:15-17)

I invite you to read or listen this Elder Jeffrey R. Holland given at a BYU Devotional on February 2, 1982: https://www.lds.org/ensign/1984/02/the-inconvenient-messiah?lang=eng


~ Sister Thompson 🌻☀🌿

serving in the beloved heartland 💛🌎


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