Week 14 | Temples, Transfers, and Training, Oh my!

Hello all! How are you? How has your week been? I hope you had the BEST week of your lives cause I sure did! It went by super fast though.
Funny story for the week: We were talking to one of our potential investigators out on her porch and this guy walks up and he says, ” do you have a minute for me to give you a message about Jesus Christ?” We said ” of course!” He then went on and said, ” we practice the religion of Zeus and his sons.” We looked at him and said, ” okay awesome. We believe in….” He stopped us half way through and just walked away. We looked at each other and just started laughing. I love Topeka and being a missionary.

Connie had an interview with the Bishop and got her TEMPLE RECOMMEND! She is going to do baptisms on the 27th! Heck yeah! We are so excited for her but most importantly she is so happy and she keeps telling us how excited she is to be able to do temple work for her ancestors! She is AMAZING!

Marilyn is progressing so well. We had an incredible lesson with her in a members home about faith and knowing enough. We showed her a video called, ” You know enough” I would invite you all to watch it! Marilyn believes it! She feels the Spirit as she reads and comes to church! She knows! She has incredible faith. Her baptism is planned for this Saturday! We cannot wait to see another one of our Father in Heaven’s beloved daughters enter the waters of baptism!

Please watch this video: https://youtu.be/nDOyFaM_K3U

A major miracle that happened this week was three siblings of a recent convert came to church and loved it! Now two of them are new investigators! It was awesome! definitely a blessing from Heavenly Father! I LOVE part member families. They are incredible.

This week we struggled with getting investigators to church. Church is SO important! In Moroni 6:4-6 it says,

“4 And after they had been received unto baptism, and were wrought upon and cleansed by the power of the Holy Ghost, they were numbered among the people of the church of Christ; and their names were taken, that they might be remembered
and nourished by the good word of God, to keep them in the right way, to keep them continually watchful unto prayer, relying alone upon the merits of Christ, who was the author and the finisher of their faith.

5 And the church did meet together oft, to fast and to pray, and to speak one with another concerning the welfare of their souls.

6 And they did meet together oft to partake of bread and wine, in remembrance of the Lord Jesus.”

I like to think of church as a hospital. We go there to be sanctified and  strengthened by the sacrament, good word, fellowship, and more! Not everyone that goes to church is “healthy” or on a high spiritual level. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy is one of God’s greatest commandments. When we are baptized we promise our Father in Heaven we will keep His commandments and as we do so we will have his Spirit to be with us. Before you go to church on Sunday I would invite you all to do a little visualization exercise.

Imagine yourself in a room and Jesus Christ comes in and sits down in front of you. You have the opportunity and honor to ask him a question. What would it be? This question can it be about anything! Now take that question and keep it within your heart. In
sacrament meeting as you pray during the passing of the sacrament ask that specific question, and I promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ, if it is His will he will bless you with the Spirit and your question will be answered in His timing. I can truly testify of this.

So yesterday I received a call that the Lord has called me to be a trainer. I am very intimidated, scared, anxious, but excited really really nervous considering I’ve only been out for 3 months but I am going to fully rely upon Jesus Christ. I know that this experience
will change not only my mission but my life. I cannot wait to meet her and learn together with her. I feel like I am gonna be in training my whole mission and life. I am going to fully rely on the Savior and the Spirit. Jesus Christ is the best trainer in the world. I already have
so much love for her and I know that as we love our missions, are exactly obedient, and envision success together that if it is the Lord’s will he will bless us and these next three months will be the best three months of our lives.

I am so grateful for my trainer, Sister Joyner who taught me so much and truly taught by example. We saw so many miracles together and I love her with all my heart. I am so blessed to have a trainer like her and I am so lucky she is going to be my sister training leader right here in Topeka!

I love my mission. I’ve never experienced this much joy and my heart is full of gratitude. I know my Savior lives and loves each and everyone of us. I know our Father in Heaven blesses us everyday and is watching over us. I know this gospel is true. And I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Have the best week of your lives! I love
all of you!
~ Sister Thompson 🌻☀️🌿
serving in the beloved heartland 💛🌎


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