Week 13 | All sunshine makes a desert

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Hi! How are y’all?! How was your week? This week was super good! This life is the BEST! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been out three months… This week Sister Joyner & I finished our twelve week training program. I have such a strong testimony of that program! It’s
incredible and changes your mission if you let it!

Funny Story of the week: So it was 9:00pm & were walking it up to our apartment complex  & we open the door & there was a PASSED OUT DEAD LOOKING MAN lying on the stairs! It felt like my stomach dropped to the floor. We began to laugh with tears in our eyes not knowing what to do. While Sister Joyner is looking through the window to check his chest to see if he’s breathing I’m on the phone with some of the best elders in the world  #sherwoodelders. Long story short his chest was moving & we just found our way around him. The next morning on our way out I said, “five bucks he’s still out there.” Good thing that bet was a joke. We are just gonna say that he’s home safely now.

So our investigator Marilyn is progressing so well! She is reading the Book of Mormon everyday and continues to pray and ask God what His will is for her. We have so much love for her. We’re also working with Shantel! She is so cool and is soft spoken but you can tell she is listening because of her answers to questions. She is on date for September 10th. I know that seems super far away but it will come so fast! Being able to see the Book of Mormon change lives is incredible.

And the Plan of Salvation speaking of that… This past week we were teaching the new  member lessons to Connie and we were on the Plan of Salvation. As Sister Joyner was testifying I became really quiet and I had no clue why… I zoned out for a second and Connie looked at me and said, ” Are you okay? Your not bubbly like always. What’s wrong?” I looked at her and said, ” yes” but then started to cry. I then began to testify of the Plan of Salvation and how we  will see the ones we’ve lost again. In that moment I felt the love of my sister, Emerson and Great Nana that we lost years ago. Connie’s sister lost her son a couple years ago and I know they will reunited again. That day I received a personal witness that the Plan of Salvation is true and for all of God’s children. I am not sure what else was said in that moment and cannot remember but afterward Connie’s eyes were filled with tears and she said ” yes I believe that.” The Spirit is the true teacher! I
cannot testify of that enough!

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We had zone conference this week! I LOVE zone conference. President & Sister McCuistion are SO inspired. We focused on the progression of God’s investigators and finding new investigators! President had us study a 3-4 minute restoration message and it is so powerful when it’s delivered and guided by the Spirit. The very next day we had the opportunity to share it with someone and the Spirit was SO strong! We also focused on the area book and the importance of updating it everyday. #sogratefulfori-pads. My personal vision for the area book is having a mindset of, ” if the Savior came to this part of His vineyard. Would I be confident in handing him the area book?” I try and ask myself that every night as we update it.  Sister McCuistion shared a statement with the sisters this week that says, “All sunshine makes a desert.” At first I was like what in the world does that mean. But it’s so true! All sunshine makes a boring hot desert. If there is no rain and growing life is boring! Growth and rain are so good for us! Sometimes trials are hard but it truly depends on how we look at them and take them. LOVE your trials and
afflictions! Walk through them with the Savior by your side. Trials help us grow and make our desert into a beautiful garden! Be thankful for your rain! Ask Heavenly Father to love the things that you don’t as he would.

❤ Ether 12:27 I love you guys so much!
~ Sister Thompson 🌻☀️🌿
serving in the beloved heartland 💛🌎


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