Week 7 | Fulfilling My Purpose


This week flew by…like it’s already Monday? I feel like I have a lot to say and then I don’t. Ha. So our new mission president comes in this week! President Bell and Sister Bell are leaving as well as lots of missionaries. No one even knows how to say the new mission president’s name but we will all find out sooner or later I guess. I am so excited for the new change and will embrace it!

Since lots of missionaries are leaving, Sister Joyner and I will become a trio with an additional Sister. The new sister is from our district so we know her and she is amazing! It should be fun!

So, funny story for the week…We were in district meeting and our District Leader
was starting his training and all of the sudden he took of his jacket and started to cough and was having a hard time breathing. He suddenly fell to the floor and could not breathe and I was sitting in my chair freaking out cause he goes home in like 4 days and this is not how anyone should end their mission. So the elders get down and start to help him while another was about to walk outside and call 911. Then he got up and said, “just kidding!” I was like are you kidding me??? My heart was racing because one night before he was at our dinner appointment and mentioned he was allergic peanuts so I thought his throat was
closing up!

IMG_0325 (1)

But he got up and apologized to us laughing his head off cause we all sat there with shocked looks on our faces not saying anything. He then continued training and asked “how desperate are you that your investigators progress? Do we want it as bad as we want air? ” I LOVED that training. It was incredible and I learned so much. Our investigators progression needs to be our obsession as missionaries. Bringing precious souls unto our Lord and Savior through the enabling power of the atonement is the best work in the world. I love my mission and the Lord’s work. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else.


This week Kaitlyn got BAPTIZED. What an incredible day. We went over to her house two hours before the baptism and she opened the door all ready to go in our matching skirts that we bought and her beautiful countenance just smacked me in the face. We were sitting in her living room just talking and I started to CRY. I have never ever felt so much
love for one of our Heavenly Father’s children like that before. Just looking into her eyes and seeing her excitement for her baptism was miraculous. As she walked into the font I invited her to look on the other side of the font and imagine her Savior, Jesus Christ standing there watching her come unto Him. What a beautiful day and event. President Bell and Sister Bell came with the APS and it was so awesome to see them and hug Sister Bell!

Ethan was also supposed to get baptized that day but we received a text from his mom and she told us that he didn’t want to get baptized anymore. So we went over there and his dad would not answer the door and wouldn’t let us talk to Ethan. We then had Elder Mitchell (DL) come over to help us, especially Elder Mitchell because he gave Ethan his interview and they connected really well! His Dad would still not answer the door and the mom told us to leave her house because we were causing stress between her and her husband, we had no idea what to do.  We were over there for about an hour and a half knocking on the doors and windows and talking to Hazel (the mom) on the phone. We kept praying and praying but no luck. We still have not been able to get in contact with Ethan or his family. We don’t know why but we are praying for them and if it is the Lord’s will and if we walk and pray with faith and expect the impossible He will provide a way if we are willing to do everything and anything for this family and for Him. That was a really hard moment but we know that we are on the Lord’s timing.

I love missionary work. I have never ever felt so much JOY in my life before. Being called of God to be here in Kansas is incredible. There are definitely hard moments but if you choose to always find JOY in the journey you will never have a bad day. Choose JOY and know that the Savior is always walking with you. I can truly say that my Savior  Jesus Christ is my best friend. I know this gospel to be true with all of my heart and I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His precious children and don’t ever forget that YOU are his precious child. You are a son or daughter of the Most High God. He knows everything about you. Your brother Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God and suffered specifically for you. He bled from every pore and at least one of those drops was for you. I love you all so much. Kansas is truly the heartland and the Savior is at the head of this mission.

I invite all of you to read Ether 12:41 and seek Jesus the Christ so that the Spirit of God may abide in you forever.


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