Week 6 | Baptism or Birthday Party – Tiffany and Jasmine

How are you all doing? This past week went by so fast it’s crazy. Coming up here pretty soon I’ll have been in Kansas for a month. Crazy right? I feel like I just got here yesterday. On Tuesday, we had zone conference and that was fun and very long. I got to see three of my MTC Elders. I missed them so much and we got to talk and it was amazing. I love President Bell so much and his passion for the work but it’s so sad because he is leaving next week along with a bunch of missionaries. But that’s okay because we are going to embrace the change and we are excited for the new mission president and his wife.

We saw lots of miracles this week and on Wednesday I had the honor of going out on exchanges with a Sister Training Leaders and I went out with Sister Wade. This is the same Sister Wade whose blog my Mom found when I got my call and was praying I would meet. She is incredible! She came to my area and we had such a fun day. She is such an example to me and an amazing missionary and she helped me so much!

Tiffany and Jasmine

Okay so here is the biggest miracle of them ALL for the week. Tiffany and Jasmine (Jazy) were baptized. Let me tell you how it all went down with a bit of a hitch.

On Friday, we planned to see them before their baptismal interviews by our District Leader. We went over there and nobody was home, so called Hazel, their Mother, and she said that they couldn’t get baptized on Saturday because they were too busy. We were testified of baptism and how important it is then asked her why her why and she hung-up. So we went to their house and began knocking on the door and no one was answering. Then we got a text from Hazel telling us that no one would answer the door per her instructions to the babysitter. We asked if we could talk to Tiffany and Jasmine and she told us no.

Sister Joyner and I were in full panic mode at this point and decided to call the District Leader. He invited to continue to have faith that they will get baptized tomorrow and to expect the impossible. We decided to decorate the front window with balloons and sticky notes then committed to fast and pray. That night we went to bed having faith that it was going to happen. The next morning we woke-up to the best text in the world from Hazel, “I’ll have the girls ready for their interview and baptism tomorrow.”

We recognized this miracle came from Heavenly Father, so we were pumped and continued with our day. Around 1:30pm, we get a text from Hazel saying they can’t go today because of they have birthday party and she wants to reschedule. WHAT??? NO!!! Here we go into panic mode again and head over to their house. After 1 hour of calling  Hazel from their porch (she wouldn’t come out), she finally let the girls come out and we talked to them. They told us that they wanted to get baptized but she wouldn’t let them. We kept calling Hazel but it was clear she did not want this to happen.

We keeping praying and praying the District Leader would show up and be able to conduct their interviews and then the phone rings, Hazel says, “They can get baptized today.” Oh my goodness. I started to cry I couldn’t believe it. Did she just really call and say that. The girls were jumping up and down the Elders were freaking out then Sister Joyner and
I just hugged and remained in pure shock.

June 18th was the most incredible day ever (I know there will be plenty more) but it was
amazing. The girls were baptized and confirmed the next day. Hazel attended the
baptism and her son Ethan came up to us after and told us he wanted to get baptized next week. He is now on date for next week and we are so happy and excited for him. I love my mission.

Watching a baptism as a missionary was a life changing experience. These are God’s beloved children and by going this they just opened the gate to path back home. I have a testimony that if it is the Lord’s will He will provide away. We just have to have faith and trust in him and be willing to do anything and everything to make it happen. I know my Savior lives and is walking beside us everyday. I love this gospel and know it to be true.

In 2 Nephi 9:52 it says,” Behold, my beloved brethren, remember the
words of your God; pray unto him continually by day, and give thanks
unto his holy name by night, Let your hearts rejoice.”

FullSizeRender (13)

Sister Thompson


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