Week 5 | The Pastor who brought me down

How is everyone this week?

I hope you are all doing amazing. Kansas is getting hot and humid. A nice humid 104 today!!! I mean hot and humid. So, I always love waking up feeling sticky and sweaty. It’s super great.


My legs are getting so messed up because of chiggers and oak mites. There are like huge red welts and are swollen. It’s super fun and they are so ITCHY.





Our Investigators

We saw so many miracles this week but it was hard. Two of our investigators, Jazzy and Tiffany, are getting baptized on Thursday. I am so excited and can’t believe it. They are so excited but they are nervous that they are gonna drown but, haha, we keep telling them they will be fine.

We have a new investigator Kaitlyn and she is on date for the 25th. She is so elect and solid. She comes to church, goes to mutual, and asks awesome questions. We also have another new investigator named Deo and she is also solid. She is like our “Alma the Younger” and she is so amazing, loves to read and learn all she can. I love teaching and talking to people who have that desire.

The Pastor

We had an experience with a pastor named “Thomas”. He looked at us and told us that we should leave men like him alone because they will hurt us. When we tried to step away, he continued to shout crazy and confusing question (haha). We would try answer but then he would yell and get in our faces and tell us we were wrong and too young to be doing this. He pointed at my tag and said, “that doesn’t mean anything.” He then called us little girls and the next thing I know I found myself slowly walking away with a massive pain in my heart and feeling more inadequate than ever. I have never experienced that kind of rejection before and it was pretty harsh. We got in the car and the song “You are Called” by Nik Day came on. What a blessing from our Father in Heaven.

I love being a missionary but this is the hardest work I have ever done, yet it is the greatest and the most important. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and know He lives. He was the most amazing selfless missionary to ever walk on this earth. Because of Him I get the opportunity to be here in Kansas. Remember faith is a choice. I strive to walk by faith not by Fear, so I will come to know and realize that walking by faith is a lot easier. Remember you are all divine children of our Father in Heaven and you have a divine purpose. Pray to know it and for the strength to live it. Lose your life for His sake because He lost His for ours.




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