Week 4 | My First Area and My Second Companion

How is everyone back on the west coast?

I hope you all are doing awesome and I love you all! Kansas is amazing. I am truly in the best mission in the world. I know everyone says that for their mission and
I totally get why! We are all called to places where WE need to be

The Lord and my Heavenly Father know me so well it’s
incredible. I am in Topeka, Kansas for my first area and I love it
here. It’s so gorgeous and sunny and HOT. Its truly
great. It really is.


My trainer is Sister Joyner. I love her with all my heart she is amazing and so hard working. So happy. Lots of street contacting  and I am really bad at it. Haha it’s great. I will like walk up to people and then once they look at me its like I get struck
dumb. Sister Joyner is so brave and bold that is one of the
many things I love about her. She will go up to anyone and I hope and
pray that I can be lovingly bold like that someday. It’s scary how
people look at us around here. But I understand…. I am pretty weird
looking and I have a name tag that tells everyone my first name is

FullSizeRender (9)

We see many miracles and I write them down in my miracle
book that I will always cherish. Sister Joyner and I talked to some
drunk guys  and got called “baby and mama” so that was nice. I loved
talking with Jeff and Stanford. I am finding joy in the journey everyday and am choosing to make everyday of my mission the best day of my mission.

I love being a missionary, best life style ever. Can’t wait to keep serving the Lord.
Okay so I’m in the Sheerwood Ward but it’s more like SheerHOOD Ward.
There so many gangs and like ghetto areas. It’s amazing. I am super
jumpy around here cause we’ve had some experiences where I thought I
was gonna get jumped and die but hey I am still alive.

We have two investigators on date for baptism right now for the 18th of June. Tiffany and
Jazzy and they are both nine. Sweetest girls ever. And we have about 4
people on date for the 25th of June. Right now we are teaching the
Veal family, Rice family, Malachai, James, and Brenna.

We do a lot of less active work here in Kansas and I love it. As missionaries we have
the opportunity to bring that Spirit back into their home and
hopefully have their hearts open up to it again. Everyone either
smokes here or has like 4 animals inside their home so that’s awesome.
I always smell like a dog or weed so I bet other people just love that
cause I do.

Our mission culture is all about baptizing and bringing
souls back home. I love it with all my heart. We have a mission goal
to baptize 60 souls this month and will let you know how that goes. A
lot of our investigators have a hard time with coming to church and
they need to come, twice before getting baptized so we are helping
their desire to come to church.


FullSizeRender (11)

I have truly learned that as representatives of Jesus Christ we are inviting people through Him. He is inviting them to do thumbs through us and knowing that my for
myself is amazing. I invite you all to read “The Living Christ” and
pray about it to know for yourself if Christ lives. You can go onto
LDS.org and look it up in the search bar and it will come up. I love
the Lord’s work and can bear my witness to you that Jesus is the
Christ and He LIVES. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.
I love my Savior and I love this gospel. This gospel has been


Sister Thompson

They are so many churches here. Nearly, one on every block and all
of them are different.


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