Week 2 | My prego joke was a no go, thanks alot, Dad!

Hello Hello! I cannot believe it is already tuesday! This past week have flown by. It was so hard but amazing! Alright let’s just clarify the title of this weeks blog shall we… The new sisters that came in this week were sitting at the table eating their dinner. I turn to my district  and say,” don’t laugh until after their reaction.” Everyone in my district knows the joke and freaks out while I walk over there. I stand at the end of the table say,” Sisters, I just wanted to give you some advice… you know 18 months seem like its a long time but I’ve been pregnant twice and it goes by pretty fast.” My whole district is holding their breath trying not to freak out while the new sisters are all in shock one of them looks at me like I’m the devils child and one says, “oh really?! with concern in her voice and the rest look down at their food not knowing how to react. Best. Moment. Of. My. Life. I then reassure them that I was kidding and only one of them laughs…whoops. Well know that they all look at me a little differently its so awesome. Thank you dad for that joke. I did it for you. Shoutout to allie murphy and RJ for the sweet letters. AND THANK YOU NANA FOR THE DONUTS and your letter. I will now have to workout a little harder at the gym. This week was amazing and hard. Our TRC investigator Yui said yes to baptism and we are so happy for her. We missed our last lesson with Jessica cause we had another app. but we continue to pray for her. This week we got new investigators Katie and Ashlee. We met with them yesterday and that was way hard. The Spirit was there but I am not sure if they were in tune with the Spirit. We tried to help them recongize it. We invited them both to pray to know if God was there. I hope and pray that they will do that because I know he is there and I know he loves them but what I’ve learned this week is that as missionaries we can tell them all we want, we can testify, and help them but they have to know for themselves if this is true. And that my friends is by the Spirit. The Spirit is the true teacher like I’ve said before. I don’t have much time this week and I am so sorry about that but I hope you all have an amazing week. Being a missionary is incredible but not easy. My spirituality is being pushed like it never has before and I am so grateful for that but it is overwhelming. I invite you all to get on your knees and say a personal prayer just simply asking is God is there. I know that He is and that He loves you. He knows the personal and true desires of your heart. “The Atonement of Jesus Christ makes salvation possible.”
Sister Thompson

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