Week 1 | No Sugar Here

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have had an amazing week cause I sure did. The MTC is incredible but incredibly hard. I am not gonna sugar coat anything cause no one does that here so here we go.
Getting my name tag made it all so real. My teachers Sister Smith and Sister Harrison are amazing and teach amazing things I have learned that the Spirit is the real teacher. My companion is Sister Brady from Utah and she is amazing. We get along great but I am not used to being followed around all the time and having someone stand outside the stall while going to the bathroom so that’s super odd but its all good… Our district is awesome but we were all super awkward for the first couple days but now we are all close and get along great. There are 6 missionaries going to Kansas and four of them are elders and they are super funny. Beds at the MTC are horrible. I feel like I am sleeping on a surfboard but I love it. Our Branch President is amazing. I love President Harris and all he does for us and teaches us. Sister Brady and I are STL’s and it is such a humbling experience. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be working with the Sisters more closely and the Lord more closely to know how we can help them. We have two investigators right now. Jessica and Yui. Jessica is great. She loves to laugh and have fun. Teaching her was hard because she doesn’t see the importance of baptism but we invited her to be baptized and she said MAYBE and I DON’T KNOW so thats not a for sure no! So we are gonna teach her again on Wednesday and hope she has kept her commitments and has prayed. Yui is from Japan (see picture) and is the best. But my comp and I went in there ready to teach the Restoration coming to find out when we talked to her that she has no idea who God is and why we have a Savior so we had to start from the very very beginning. It was super hard but we learned a lot and I am so thankful the Spirit was there because the Spirit is the true teacher. As missonaries we are just mouth pieces for the Spirit. So that was fun and we are excited to go back and see them again. Sundays are amazing. I kept saying,” Elders and Sisters we made it to sunday. Thank goodness!” On Sunday we had the opportunity to watch the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar. Go watch it right now. Like today. We need to turn OUTWARD instead of inward. As a missionary and after I return home I strive to have the Character of Christ attitude. It will not be easy and we won’t change over night but I know that if we turn outward and remember who we are we can become more like Christ.
This has not been easy and it will not get any easier but I am so grateful for the challenges and hard times because it is a huge testimony builder. This is supposed to be hard. BUT we can do all things only through Christ. . Brothers and Sisters, this gospel is true. This is the only true and restored church on the earth today and we stand in the fullness of it. Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of you by name and is aware of you. Joseph Smith did indeed see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in the sacred grove that day. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. That book has given me hope and strengeth throughout my life especially on my mission. I invite all of you to pray to God and feel of His love for you. Eph 4;5 says, ” One Lord, one faith, one baptism.” This is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to have faith in Him and His Atonement, we need to have that desire to change and if you haven’t already take that first step which is baptism. Elder Holland said, “
We must be our first convert. We are God’s investigator. If we want our investigators to have a change in heart, we need to have a change in heart. If we want them to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, we need to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.” As missionaries our purpose is the same as God’s. I know that to be true.
I love you all!
Sister Thompson
Check out,
Matthew 6-7. “Follow Me” is a popular phrase. Are you following Jesus Christ?

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